Hinman Scholar Loan

The Hinman Scholars Loan Fund was established to honor the Reverend Dr. Willis S. Hinman and Erma Hinman, who served St. John’s Lutheran Church from 1930 to 1964. The purpose of the fund is to make loans available to members of the congregation to help continue their formal education after high school.

These loans are interest-free, with the understanding that they will be fully repaid within 5 years following the graduation of the recipient or no longer attending college. Loans will typically be limited to $1,000 per student per academic year. Potential recipients must submit an application along with a written summary of what the loan will mean to them. While most applicants will probably be high school students continuing on to college, adults who are pursuing advanced degrees can apply as well. The Church Council appoints a committee to review loan applications. The granting of a loan is based on a broad category of church and non-church activities—there are no financial or GPA requirements.

Click below to download a pdf of the application.

Hinman Scholars Loan Application

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