Memorial Garden



The Garden for the Resurrected was created more than 44 years ago by members of the congregation after they read Jessica Mitford’s book, The American Way of Death (1963). They decided that they wanted to provide a simpler way of burial here at
St. John’s.

The garden was designed and installed in 1973 by a local landscape designer and in 2005 was redesigned. It is free-form in shape (approximately 20′ wide and 50′ long) and located directly in front of the church building. The grass plot is surrounded by roses and other flowers, which is where the ashes are buried, and also by small trees and shrubs.

Over the years a teak bench and a fountain have been added, both generous gifts from families. Ashes are buried directly into the ground—no tubes, no boxes, no vaults. The nameplates have the full name of the deceased. We keep a file in the church office with the Certificates of Cremation, which are provided by the funeral home handling the funeral. Currently, the only cost for using the garden is the cost of the nameplate. The garden has always been available to members and non-members alike.

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